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Mario & Christian helped transform three of my homes into something I only dreamed of.

They first turned our boring 50’s ranch house into a retro-cool party pad. Their color choices of aqua-blue and yellow were the perfect counterpoint to the home’s slick stainless steel accents and sandblasted wood ceiling.  Brought to life with these fun new colors, our home was featured in “Atomic Ranch” magazine!

Next, I purchased a home in Silverlake, California. With a limestone green Venetian plaster finish, our dining room feels like it should be in Italy. Everybody who walks in immediately says ‘ooo…’ while rubbing their hands over our beautiful walls.  Thanks for the tip guys!

Later I then moved to the Hollywood hills, about a mile underneath the famous ‘Hollywood’ sign. For our classic Mediterranean home, Mario & Christian helped us choose a scrumptious palette of ochre, butterscotch, cream and honey.  The results were simply delicious!

Thank you again!

Anthony Edwards

Home Owner - Los Angeles, Ca

I’m an architect and deal with colors all the time so i thought this would be easy for me to select the colors for my own home. Working with a blank canvas is a lot different than working with a home that already has carpets, fabrics, tile and so on and making everything look great.

I’ve use’ d Mario & Chris at Paintingathome for both of my homes as well as my apartment buildings with fantastic results! I20love the way they not only use color but also textures, and how everything works and coordinates well.

I Iove Hawaii and so for my home in Las Vegas, they went with a south sea theme. They used Venetian plaster in 2 colors, one blue/green which reminds me of the waters around the islands and a salmon/red which contrast beautifully with all the other colors, which adds another layer of texture and looks superb! The colors are vivid and soothing.

They also chose the exterior color for my apartment building and what a difference. The color compliments my roof perfectly!  Never noticed the roof before. Funn y thing, an apartment building down the block copied my building colors after the painting was done on my building!

Thanks again Mario & Chris

James Fortunes

Home Owner & Architect - California

I remember the first day when I moved into my condominium – the walls were off white, the cottage ceiling wa s white and the carpet – RED!!  I splattered some different color paint samples on the wall thinking one would jump out and bring some life to my home.  Unfortunately all I got was a headache from trying to make up my mind.

A friend suggested that I call Mario.  As soon as I described my hopeless dilemma he immediately had some suggestions!  I told him that I wanted something to take notice away from the ceiling – he knew exactly what colors I could use to blend from the walls to the ceiling.  He told me to steer away from the traditional white ceiling.  It resulted in distracting attention away from the cottage cheese above and flows from the open kitchen into the dining room and throughout the living room!

I also wanted some style in the bedroom.  His creativity was mult i faceted –  not only in color, but in mixing tone, texture and pattern, incorporating a clever design…  everyone comments how they love the stripes of color and the 2 tone wash and how well each color tone compliments the red carpet as well!  I couldn’t wait to call him 6 months later to tell him that Oprah had a designer on her show – featuring the same style and design he had suggested – and I had it first!!

Thank you guys for all your suggestions – it created a feeling of style and comfort.

I love coming home!!

Aaron Slovin

Home Owner - Long Beach, Ca

Having lived in about 20 homes, the easy part is buying them. The hard part is decorating them…especially the colors! Paint can make or break a project, and most people don’t have the right ‘eye’ for color. Thank goodness for Mario…who can create special colors just by looking at a room. He gave me the most beautiful background for my home, and made it look like it came right out of a design magazine!

Pat Riddle

Home Owner - California & Washington D.C.

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